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Sidemount Diver

Recently sidemount diving is gaining popularity between recreational divers and open water tech divers as well. For recreational divers it is mainly the increased gas supply without carrying heavy twinsets, furthermore, you can transport your tanks one by one to the entry point. Also, it is possible to attach them on the surface, helping people with back problems. Buoyancy and trim are really great in the water using this setup!

One disadvantage I’ve found is the surface time… It is really not comfortable if you have to spend a long time waiting for the others. Also, task loading (you have to keep the gas level balanced in the tanks) and purchasing new equipment can be a turndown.

For technical divers using more than 2 deco stages this setup starting to get uncomfortable. (But it is entirely up to you if that is what you are used to, keep it)

Honestly, I really fell in love with sidemount diving, when I did my cave courses.

The course takes a minimum of 3 days to finish.

After gaining knowledge and experience with Sidemount configuration, you can progress to Technical Sidemount.

What are the prerequisites?

  • certified Open Water (technically you could do the OW course in sidemount but I really don’t recommend it.)
  • According to my experience, you will benefit more to learn it after logging at least 20 dives
  • 18 years old (15 with parental consent)

Many other courses are available, ask which one you would like to do!