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Dive with ASD Zingaro Diving Center! Starting from a simple sea’s baptism you will have the opportunity to continue to grow through the diving courses offered by us with the opportunity to become a professional, increasing your level and your knowledge.

Diving Baptism (DSD)

Discover Scuba Diving or sea’s baptism opens the door to an extraordinary world. Try your first breath underwater and let yourself be accompanied by our instructors.

This is the first step you can take to experience the marine world. It does not involve a certification, and it is recommended for people with little experience in the water


This is the first course necessary to learn the theoretical and practical bases to explore the underwater world and master the equipment. You can apply starting from 10 years. Any previous experience is required even if a sea’s baptism is recommended. The course includes three phases:

Learning the basic principles of diving
Diving and exercises

  • Learning the basic principles of diving
  • Diving and exercises in confined waters
  • Diving and exercises in open water


The course will help you gain confidence in the water through different Adventure Dives. The course consists in five dives: deep diving and underwater navigation are the obligatory dives, through which the diver learns his limits, to use the compass and to orient himself underwater. The remaining three dives can be chosen by the diver, according to personal preferences. The instructor will help you choose according to your preferences.
Photography, fish identification, exploration of wrecks, cave diving and others.


The objective is the acquisition of confidence with the rescue maneuvers and readiness in the emergency medical situations. Acquiring and knowing how to use Primary and Secondary care is necessary to move on to the next patent, the Rescue diver. On request, is also possible to perform the Children course Care.


The Rescue Diver course is called the most useful and fun among the PADI courses. Through this patent the diver acquires greater confidence with water and greater awareness of its capabilities, also she learns to take the needs of the partner and managing all the problems that can occur during a dive recreation. The Rescue Diver is able to anticipate, identify, solve emergency situations during all the phases that precede, include and follow the dive. To start the Rescue training is necessary to have the ' Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care . The Rescue scenarios, during which put into practice what you have learned during the theoretical lessons will teach you to:
• Precede the safety of the rescuer
• Recognize and manage stress of other Emergency management and equipment
• Rescuing panicked divers
• Help unconscious divers


The Dive Master Course is the first professional training course to become a dive guide. Working closely to the instructor you will acquire complete safety in the execution of all the exercises, you will learn to anticipate and manage all the problems related to the diving excursion but also to supervise all the activities related to the Diving Center. The course includes:

• Supervision of underwater activities and assistance to students
• Risk management and safety standards
• Practical exercises into the water
• Knowledge of the environment inside and outside the water
• briefing’s creation
• Organization of research groups and emergency plans
• Assistance to a Discover Scuba Diving


This patent will allow you to dive to a maximum depth of -40 meters. You will learn to know your limits and understand how to manage a deep dive. During the training, which includes four dives,

    • • You will learn about the specific equipment for deep dives


    • • You will manage the methods how to plan dives, safety procedures with your partner, techniques for maintaining buoyancy


    • You will learn to manage your consumption of air and narcosis


The enriched air (Nitrox) contains more oxygen and less nitrogen. With this patent you will learn that the enriched mixture allows you to lengthen the background time and reduce the decompression time, especially whit repetitive dives.
During the practical sessions and two dives you will learn to:

    • Know the oxygen toxicity
    • Analyze the enriched air contained by your cylinders
    • Set up your dive computer for Nitrox diving


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